Lower Face & Neck


Rediscover youth and confidence with Lower Face & Neck Neuromodulators. Our expert procedures effectively tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and redefine your jawline and neck. As we age, the Platysma Muscles in our neck begin to contract, pulling surrounding tissues down and leading to the development of jowls, loose skin and an undefined jawline. Traditionally surgery has been the only option available to tighten and reverse sagging tissues. Now there is a non-surgical option available using Botox injections. The procedure is named The Nefertiti Lift (for the famous Queen Nefertiti who was known for her graceful and beautiful neckline). Botox injections relax the Platysma Muscles, helping restore a more youthful neckline while alleviating the accompanying look of turned down lips as well. All this, while offering a non-surgical and less expensive option.

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